Open Enrollment Readiness

To get ready for Open Enrollment, the first step is to fill out the annual form that is submitted to your health insurance carrier. As the employer, you will need to complete the Annual Group Information form and submit it to ERS; we will review and submit it with your health insurance carrier. It is very important to verify the number of employees employed over the prior year. If your group is under twenty employees for more than 20 weeks, it is vital to inform employees who are 65 or older to enroll in Medicare Part B. If the employees do not enroll in Part B, their claims will be denied until they are reprocessed through Medicare Part B.

It is important to understand when your group’s renewal is and develop a process to have clear communication with all employees eligible for benefits. You can communicate all Open Enrollment details electronically if everyone has access to a work email or the Intranet through the company. It is mandated to let employees know that paper copies are available at no cost. It is a great practice to keep a copies of the education materials for the renewal year. If you ever need another copy or additional education material, please reach out to ERS and we will be happy to provide any documents.

Ensure that all eligible employees are aware of the benefits offered by the employer and the deadline is communicated. The objective is for all employees to make their Open Enrollment selections before the deadline. Encourage employees to review their current benefits and verify their address, dependents, and their beneficiaries are up to date. This is the time for all employees to make changes without a life event.

Before your Open Enrollment begins, it is always a good idea to reach out to your employees to see if they have had any issues or outstanding questions regarding their benefits. It will indicate ways of educating your employees on the best ways to utilize their benefits. If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to or call 585-227-1300, option 1.

Madelyn Cannon, Senior Benefits Analyst