Payroll Updates

It’s Spice Season!  Whether you prefer pumpkin or apple, this is the time of year to cozy up to the idea of celebrating a successful 2022 and get yourself ready to ring in 2023.  Please see the below updates and let us know if you have any questions or if you need assistance.  We are here to help you.

Upcoming Holidays and Office Closings

Below are banking holidays and office closings.  If your check date falls on a banking holiday, then your check date will automatically be moved up one business day earlier.

Also, a reminder that payrolls must be submitted by 3pm EST.  For example, Friday payrolls must be submitted by 3pm on Thursday at the latest.

Bank Closings:

 Office Closings:

Columbus Day – Monday, October 10th Thursday, November 24th
Veterans Day – Friday, November 11th Friday, November 25th
Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 24th Friday, December 23rd
Christmas Day – Monday, December 26th Monday, December 26th
New Year’s Day – Monday, January 2nd Friday, December 30th
Monday, January 2nd

ADP RUN User Interface Update

You may have seen that ADP has a whole new look and feel!  This update has modernized the interface of the RUN Platform, but includes a few extra features that we are currently loving:

Home Page

  • New Shortcuts that are customizable to the user
  • Search Bar allows you to find anything you’re looking for quickly and easily

Payroll Grid

  • Ability to customize which Earnings Codes display per user
  • Earnings Codes Header is now frozen, no matter how far down you scroll
  • View up to 25 rows on one page

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this change, please let us know!

Sylvia Brennan is Full Time!

We are beyond pleased to announce that Sylvia has gone from being our Seasonal Summer Help to growing into a full-fledged Employee Retention Solutions’ employee, and Full Time at that!

Sylvia continues to support both Benefits and Payroll to truly give you a one-stop-shop boutique experience while utilizing her incredible customer service skills, thoughtfulness, and eagerness to learn about your company and industry needs better!

Dyanna Serrano + Employee Retention Solutions HR Outsourcing Division

ERS is also ecstatic to announce that Dyanna Serrano has joined our team and will be the Director of our HR Outsourcing Division.

Dyanna comes with over a decade experience working within the intricacies of day-to-day HR and customer service. She specializes in development, staffing, compensation, employee relation functions, benefits, and payroll.  In her spare time Dyanna enjoys traveling with her husband Joe and two children.

Preparing for Year-End 2022

Below are some items for your consideration to end 2022 in style:

  • Maximizing Retirement Contributions
  • Year End Bonuses
  • Health Insurance Open Enrollment & Cost Changes
  • Setting up new Insurance and Retirement Plans
  • Ensure Social Security Number Accuracy
  • Paid Time Off Policy Review
  • Are you hiring or have you hired employees in new states?
  • Report Personal Use of Auto & Short-Term Disability payments to employees

What to Expect in 2023

There are some changes happening in 2023 although not all have been determined or released yet.  Here are some noteworthy changes taking place next year that we know of so far!

Please note that this list is not all inclusive of all state and federal changes occurring in 2023.  Be sure to refer to your local law for more information.

NY Minimum Wage Increase

  • The general Minimum Wage for Western NY will be going from $13.20 to $14.20.  Be sure to check your local jurisdictions for any additional increases.

New York Paid Family Leave

  • The NY PFL Rate and the Contribution Limit are both going down next year!  The rate will be changing from .511% to .455% and the Contribution Limit will be $399.43 in 2023, down from the Limit of $423.71 in 2022

Social Security Wage Limit

  • This will be increasing to $155,100 in 2023.  It was $147,000 in 2022.

Retirement Plan Contribution Limit Increases

  • There are proposed increases to Retirement Plan Contribution Limits in 2023.  We are still waiting for the official word from the IRS, but we encourage you to keep in touch with your Financial Advisor for the final numbers.  If you do not yet have a retirement plan, or need a Financial Advisor, we will gladly put you in touch with RDG Wealth and get you started ASAP!