What is Employee Retention Solutions?

I often find asking myself this question. The idea behind culture and Employee Retention is not often thought of as technology and benefits. But wait, is it?

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an accountant by trade with a consulting background. I am a natural problem solver, my colleagues often says I need a process to fix when I get frustrated. I have always gravitated towards technology, even from the beginning of my career.

When I started the company, I revolved around a few key concepts. How do we solve the service problem with Payroll, Benefits and Retirement? How do we create a “Wegmans” for Payroll, Benefits and Retirement? How do we help our clients engage with their employees to begin to foster a CULTURE where there is communication, investment, transparency and retention? How do we share the information that we have with our clients so they can use it to make employee RETENTION decisions?

“This is a business problem that I have struggled with and I’m thrilled to be solving it for the SMB community”.

For me, I have been the customer of Payroll, Benefits and Retirement solutions. Some experiences good and some not so great. They were very rarely integrated. There was A LOT of review needed for an accurate payroll. Our service was never GREAT.

When we decided to start Employee Retention Solutions, I welcomed the challenge. Our motto is “More of the same is never an option. If you follow the crowd, then you will go no further than the crowd.”

Have you ever thought of Payroll as Technology? Most don’t. We view our Payroll service as a choice in Technology based on your needs of the business. The technology today offers Enrollment, an LMS, Online Engagement, Benefits Administration, Data Analytics, Talent Management and last but certainly not least Payroll. Today’s Technology integrates with your 401k and Benefits provider. Integrated technology means less review and less mistakes. Engagement and Investment creates TRANSPARENCY, which builds trust.

What do I mean by make Employee Retention Solutions the “Wegmans” of Payroll, Benefits and Retirement? Its simple, SERVICE the hell out of it. Do as much as we possibly can for the client ourselves. Remove roadblocks from the Payroll companies. Using our technology, anticipate enrollment, talk to employees, service employees and EDUCATE employees. Provide updates on HR Law in real terms. Always welcome feedback and FIX it when there is an issue. This is our promise to our customers, to simply be the best we can be and always strive to be better.