Bambilyn Copeland - Senior Director of Client Services

Bambilyn Copeland

Senior Director of Client Services

About Bambilyn

Bambilyn, “the Bambi” as she is called here at ERS, is the Senior Director of Client Services. She comes to the firm with over 25 years of experience within the realms of HR, HRIS, Benefits, Payroll, and Finance with a strong passion for technology.

She brings a unique perspective to the firm from both the client and service side of the house. Nothing makes her happier than problem solving with a client, being a trusted partner and using technology to streamline processes and free up their time.  Her diverse background and “dive in and get it done” attitude leads to a complete holistic approach when it comes to true customer service.

Personally, she and her family share a passion for animals and giving back to the community, so they are a foster home and currently are caring for homeless dogs and horses.

In addition to her “love of a challenge”, she also has a self-proclaimed love of the ocean, lacrosse, chocolate and converse sneakers in every color.